Benefits from the Wilderness Dance Vision Quest
as reported by participants...

Image of an owl.

"I am more present to people."

"I feel more myself than ever before."

"This work helped me to restore my relationship with my father."

"I've become more loving and giving."

"I feel a real sense of calmness and relaxation."

Wilderness Dance Participants in Colorado

"I've been able to surrender completely and know that I am not in control."

"I can now maintain a sense of hope and curiosity, even during a life crisis."

"I've found a new sense of peace during my yoga practice."

"I've conquered my fear of being alone."

"I have a heightened awareness of the nature all around me."

Whale Petting

"I've become more patient and tolerant."

"This was the most powerful spiritual experience I've ever had."

"During a dark period of real struggle, I also experienced a deep sense of peace flow beneath the turmoil."

"I have this feeling of floating or flowing along with life. The experience is relaxing, as if I am just where I need to be in the moment without resistance."

"I experienced in my body that love truly trumps fear which has opened me to choose love more and more."