Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wilderness Dance Vision Quest?

Vision Quest is the term coined by Native Americans but is equally descriptive of this ritual as practiced by Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and other faiths. Most notably the wilderness sojourns of Jesus, Moses and others from the Judeo-Christian tradition were vision quests.

The intention of a Wilderness Dance Vision Quest is to see clearly the ever present temptation of the false self (egocentric self) to see ourselves as separate and in control. Our quest is a descent into the mystery of nature to shed this inauthentic identity. The concern is not with transcending ego, solving everyday personal problems or helping anyone feel happier or better adjusted. Rather, we are committed to breaking the spell cast by our competence-addicted society and liberating souls via deep-structural shifts that transform the ego thereby eliciting a new freedom and a new joy. When this transformation enlivens vision quest participants it is easily transmitted to other people and serves to further the healing of the entire “e-air-rth” community. Deeply sharing this good news creates vitality and aliveness in a world that craves this kind of contribution from visionary leaders and artisans of cultural innovation.

Is a Vision Quest right for you?

A vision quest is the ancient tradition of people spending 4 days alone in the wilderness while fasting with the intention of receiving profound insight about themselves and the world they live in. It is a rigorous challenge for most people today but ultimately safe and easily do-able when properly prepared and competently guided. If you have doubts about your capabilities we can adjust the experience to best match your abilities and tolerances at the time. We will help you determine healthy limits and adapt your vision quest accordingly; with proper guidance this experience can be modified for all ability levels.

Why do a Vision Quest?

The spiritual way of life is not a theory! It can be likened to a dance but our world does not teach this dance. Where are the elders who know this dance? It has become both a necessity and an obligation to stop what we are doing and who we are becoming as we do it, to join the dance. We take stock of our lives and wonder what is essential; the love we’ve withheld, the life not lived, creativity grown stale, an idle existence not vibrant living.  Wherever you are on the spiritual path there is always a next step to take.

If a vision quest is your next step then we would love to have you join us on the next Wilderness Dance. There are 28 days of preparation where questers are guided through at-home activities designed to facilitate a clearing of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the self. During the quest our guides use ritual and ceremony to create an environment suitable for men and women to examine their lives, face their fears, release attachments, and to just be. It is our experience at Wilderness Dance that everyone receives a vision.